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The Master's Badge

The Master's Badge

Revised Articles
Click on the link to download the revised Articles of Association of the Guild.

The responsibility for the administration and activities of the Guild rests with the Master and Wardens, who hold office for one year, and the Court of Assistants (including Past Masters and Assistants) who together form the Court of Assistants.

Executive Responsibilities

Overall responsibility for running the Guild's affairs is vested in the Court of Assistants, which comprises 22 members who are appointed for life and 11 members who are appointed triennally.

The Court is effectively the Board of Directors of the Company. It meets 5 times a year, and on other occasions if required.


The Court of Assistants has set up a number of Committees to attend to the detailed affairs of the Guild:

Drawing on the recommendations of the Past Masters' Committee, the Court of Assistants also appoints members of the Court to serve as Trustees to the Guild of Freemen of the City of London's Charity (formerly The Guild of Freemen Benevolent Fund) and to the British Humane Association.