Membership » How to apply

Apply for membership

  1. Download the Membership Application Form (PDF) from this site (alternatively please contact the Guild and a copy will be posted to you).
  2. Please see our fees page for details of lifelong or yearly membership.
  3. Follow the instructions on the form and, once complete, send with the appropriate amount, to our postal address.
  4. You may also download and complete a Direct Debit form (PDF) (this facilitates our fees collection).

What happens next?

We consider membership applications during our Court Meetings, held five times a year.

Every applicant is advised of the outcome within a week of the meeting at which their application is considered.

Successful applicants are invited to participate in the Joining and Welcoming Ceremony, which takes place at Tallow Chandlers' Hall during a Court Meeting.

We send new members the latest edition of The Freeman (the Guild's journal) and an invitation to take part in forthcoming events. The complete cycle does not usually take more than three months.