Membership » Fees

There are two classes of membership:

The subscription covers our administration, the publication and distribution of our annual journal and the costs of the administration of our charities.

The first Annual Subscription covers the calendar year in which the application is submitted. Thereafter, Annual Subscriptions should be paid in advance by 1st January.

Applications submitted after 30th June will qualify for a 50% rebate to the Annual Subscription. This can be deducted from the total payable, or it will be refunded as soon as the application has been approved.

In addition, all new applicants are invited to pay a Joining Fee of £200 (Long Standing Members of the Guild of Young Freemen are exempt).

The two volumes of the History of the Guild are normally priced at £39.95, but they are being offered at the special discounted price of £35.00 to members on joining.

Completed Membership Application Forms should be sent with a cheque to cover all fees, as well as the History of the Guild, if required.

In summary, please submit your fee as follows:

Annual Membership Life Membership
Joining Fee£200.00 Joining Fee£200.00 
Annual Subscription£134.00 Life Subscription£2,500.00*
History of the Guild Vols I and II£35.00 History of the Guild Vols I and II£35.00 
Total Remittance£369.00 Total Remittance£2,735.00*
*This fee is for applicants under the age of 61, reducing by £60 a year to age 75, when the subscription is £1,600.