Guild Events

City Walk & Light Supper
Thursday 12 May 2005
Dress: Casual

Peter Tompkins, a Past Chairman of the Society of Young Freemen, will be leading the City Walk once again. This year the walk will take us along the alleys and courts around that Street of Shame popularised by Dr Johnson - Fleet Street and will end with substantial snacks in one of the oldest of inns, Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese. As in the past, Peter will be hosting the event at no charge, but has asked for a donation (of about £10.00 a person) to be made to the Lord Mayor's Charity Appeal (which will be made by the Benevolent Fund). This event will be repeated later in May (Event No 6), so please enter both event numbers in the Event No box on your application form if you do not mind which one you attend.

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