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Springtime in Syria
Wednesday 3 March 2010 - Friday 12 March 2010
Dress: Please see event instructions

The exact dates of this trip have yet to be confirmed. The Master will lead this visit to Syria, a country he visits very regularly and where he is well known and highly respected. Syria is a country of great beauty and steeped in history, where people of all faiths co-exist in perfect harmony; it is a totally safe country to visit. Visitors are welcomed and can walk around by themselves at all times of day and night without any fear whatsoever, and the hotels in which we shall stay maintain the highest possible international standards.

The tour will start in Damascus and will include extensive travel throughout the country, including stop-overs in the great cities of Palmyra and Aleppo.

It is likely that the programme will alter as official hospitality will be offered to us. There will be additional official elements (with surprises!) to much of what we do, although the details will not be finalised until much later.

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