Guild Events

Epping Forest - Visit & Lunch
Tuesday 29 June 2004
Dress: Jacket & Tie

The party will assemble at Queen Elizabeth's Hunting Lodge in the Forest for a talk on the lodge and the work within the forest, followed by a tour of the lodge. After that the party will adjourn to a nearby restaurant for a traditional 3-course lunch, and then will set out to explore the unique character of this ancient forest, especially its trees and English Longhorn cattle. During the afternoon tour many of the traditional skills in maintaining the forest will be explained or demonstrated, including the art of pollarding. The Forest Superintendent will be hosting the event at no charge in the hope that all those wishing to take part will include a donation to the Benevolent Fund to the amount paid to attend. With this in mind, the sum of £3.00 will be added to the advertised ticket price; those who would prefer not to contribute or who would like to contribute a different amount are asked to adjust the amount they pay accordingly.

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