Charitable Activities


True to the Guild founders' early objectives, we maintain and administer a charity which was established to assist our members and their families and to support charitable work and activities which are related to the City and its surrounds. We also provide substantial support to schools associated with the City; and pupils of the City of London Freemen's School, Christ's Hospital and other City schools benefit regularly from educational grants and prizes.

In addition, every year the Guild supports other fund-raising organisations with which we share a common purpose. Here is a list of the donations made in recent years as well as the results of the Centenary Appeal.

If you wish to support the Guild's charity please complete the following forms as appropriate:

The Guild of Freemen of the City of London's Charity (formerly The Guild of Freemen Benevolent Fund)

This fund was started just before the 1914-18 war and the income was used to assist current and former Guild members and their families. Numerous grants and awards are now also made to individuals, schools, hospitals and other Trusts and Charities.

[Charity Registration No. 227063].

Former Guild Charities

Until recently the Guild maintained three other registered charities and a Bequest Fund that was incorporated into one of them. However, after seeking advice from the Charity Commission, these charities were amalgamated within the Benevolent Fund at the end of 2004 and are no longer registered as separate charities. Details are shown here as a matter of historical record and background information.

Ronald Ward Bequest Fund

This fund was set up in 1974 with a bequest from the late Ronald Ward, who had been Master in 1963.

Income from the fund normally provided travel grants to students at City schools. This fund was managed under the Benevolent Fund.

[Former Charity Registration No. 227063-1].

Christ's Hospital Presentation Fund

This Fund was launched in 1920 by an appeal from the Master of that year, Edward Wilshaw, to provide children with education at the boys' or girls' schools in Horsham.

The Fund supported the Guild's presentees and provided travel grants to students at the school.

[Former Charity Registration No. 810372].

Francis Sully Educational and Charity Fund

The charity was set up as a memorial to Francis Sully who was member of the Guild for 40 years and editor of the Guild's magazine The Freeman from 1922 to 1946. He was Master of the Guild in 1921, had wide ranging interests and was also an active member in many other City organisations.

The income was used for educational grants.

[Former Charity Registration No. 313155].

Dunfee Hogg Bequest Fund

This fund was set up with a bequest from Vickers Dunfee, Master in 1926, and augmented by a gift from Dr Philip Hogg in memory of his year as Master in 1980. The income was used for prizes at the City of London School.

This fund was incorporated in the Francis Sully Educational and Charity Fund.